Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hypnotik Government

Tharon Chandler <>
4:26 PM (4 hours ago)

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Respectfully; i am writing today because something has happened to restore my memory and it is a very bad reminder of Tennessee .  I address important politicians and officials because that is the level where much damage was done, to me a poor student back in the 1990's, and the level of leadership that deserves to be aware and responsible for compensation, now and forever . 

cc: Governor Bill Haslam   / cc: Mr Jonathon Meador; Nashville Post
cc: Ms Reese Witherspoon, formerly of Harpeth on Cumberland, TN
cc: Representative Beth Harwell, TN   / cc: Denator Jim Kyle ,  TN
cc: Dr Dugg Hacker, of Seattle WA / cc: Officer Terry Beecham of Lawrenceburg

At some time in the late 1990's (or early 2000's) I was Subjected to Hypnosis as a part of a state 'compliance' interview, at a state Government building at Columbia Tennessee, for my purpose of gaining state unemployment benefits at that time; unfortunately.  I remember the Employee asking my permission to Hypnotize me (or do I ?) and she told me that i would not remember the Conversation.  I had remembered basicly every detail of my life, up to that time, and i still have a good and valid memory, and mind .   

My mother had driven me in her car, for my attendance of the meeting, at a time near the turn of the century,  and i remember discussing it with her before and after .  A part of the meeting process that day was actually set like a 'conference call' and we were being recorded by a man, seemingly.  Later was the woman whom hypnotized me and without prejudice and without expertise i described her as a homosexual type of person, when i reported to my mom after the meeting . 

The gist of the conversation at the meeting was that my life had been ruined by others, i did not have a job, and i was long since manipulated by people in the grad school setting at Memphis .  That cost me $100,000 and several semesters, just in grad school after they started wasting my time in a concerted effort to collectively ruin my life .  A man from my home-town had been in a bizarre accident involving the Memphis community, that i really didn't know much about, and has a reputation of being in a Mafia Family.  A classmate was murdered at a time in  late 1997,  as part of some kind of cover-up (in high politics).  The next point also  is important and encompassing .

That first hypnosis was a Violation of my human Rights.  There is no doubt that i have been under hypnosis, unwillingly, at various times since then.  There is no doubt that others around me were hypnotized and it has cost me my entire social existance.  State Senator Stephen Dohen was involved in passing a state lottery at that time and had been a sort of employer of my own sister ; him obviously a guilty paranoid and very secretly dangerous and disengenuous for me; very. 

Now, my brother had previously not been an idiot nor unkind to me but i'd say he must have been hypnotized to buy a lot of poker Chips and play cards in the building where John (Chip) Zeix had lived when he was murdered.  There is no doubt that my brother has been under the influence of a mafia to include local women in the political community of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee .

Now, I don't know how much i'd estimate that the State of Tennessee owes me over it but i'd say that it is similar to a 'wrongful death' and let me state that my Brother is Not my attorney . 

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